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Your reliable Premium awevGourmet Coffee, served exclusively at The Coffee Factory establishments for your personal enjoyment. read more

Welcome to - Our Coffees

"Roasted fresh daily for your enjoyment"


Café Barista: To produce Café Barista, we import high quality Arabica coffee beans grown in the best coffee regions of Colombia. We blend our coffees to produce the best gourmet coffee you’ve ever tasted.Whether you like your coffee hot or cold, plain or "fully flavoured ", only Cafe Barista has that "freshly roasted" taste and aroma.

Roasting: Our coffee roasting process allow us to create a personal, signature taste that can distinguish our coffee products from all those other products in the marketplace. In our opinion, coffee roasting is an art and a science at the same time. We use a  hot-air roaster, also known as a fluid-bed roaster, which roasts the coffee beans as they tumble on a current of hot air.


After roasting we package our espresso beans in air tight bags with a one way valve, which allows the gases to escape, without the beans being exposed to the damaging air. This type of packaging should help retard flavor deterioration. Our other coffee types are grinded and than packaged in the same air tight bags with one way valves.

Types of Café Barista available:

  • Espresso (whole beans)
  • Traditional (ground)
  • Decaffeinated  (ground)
  • and more...


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