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Cafe Barista...
Your reliable Premium awevGourmet Coffee, served exclusively at The Coffee Factory establishments for your personal enjoyment. read more

Welcome to Cafe Barista

"Roasted fresh daily for your enjoyment"

Our coffees can be enjoyed as a delicious relaxing hot or cold drink alone, or you can pare them off with one of our many cakes.

Cold Coffees
Island iced coffee
Espresso blended with sugar and ice
Island iced cappuccino
Espresso blended with sugar, milk and ice
Island iced cappuccino
Espresso blended with sugar, milk and ice
Island iced cappuccino with liquor
Spiced with Amaretto, Kahlua, Frangelico, or Grand Marnier
Island iced lemon coffee
Espresso blended with lime-juice, sugar and ice
Island iced coffee colada
Espresso blended with Coco Lopez, sugar and ice

Espresso Delight


Hot Coffees
Café tinto
Your regular black coffee
Café tinto
Your regular black coffee
Café latte Espresso made with steamed milk, and topped with foamed milk
Café Americano
Espresso diluted hot water
Café decaffeinated
Decaffeinated coffee
Espresso ristretto
A thicker espresso
Espresso lungo Same as an Americano
Espresso doppio Double espresso
Espresso machiattto
Espresso with foamed milk

We offer the following flavors:
Espresso delight Vanilla Espresso delight Caramel Pecan Espresso delight Dulce de Leche Espresso delight Ponche Crema

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And there's more....
Espresso con panna Espresso and whipped cream
Espresso marocchino
Espresso with cocao and foamed milk
Cappuccino Espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk 
Mochaccino A cappuccino with chocolate
Cappuccino con panna Cappuccinno with whipped cream
Cappuccino with liquer Cappuccino spiced up with a shot of liquor
Cappuccino with flavor Cappuccino with a touch of flavored syrup

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