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What is Coffee?
Coffee is the world's most popular beverage after water, with over 400 billion cups consumed annually. The coffee bean comes from an evergreen tree grown in a narrow subtropical belt around the world.

Short History
The history of coffee goes back more than a thousand years, when it was discovered in Eastern Africa, which is now Ethiopia. As the legend goes, it all started when a goat herder, observed his goats acting unusuallyfrisky after eating some berries from a bush.

Out of curiosity he tasted the fruit himself, and was delighted by its invigorating effects and started dancing with his goats. Some monks who were passing by at that moment observed all this. The monks then tasted the berries and started cultivating the fruit.

Some centuries later cultivation of coffee started in the Middle East. Coffee traveled through Europe to America in the 17th century.

Coffee Regions
Today coffee is grown in three main regions. AFRICA AND THE ARABIAN PENINSULA Some of the world's greatest coffees come from this region. The coffees are alluring and complex. They have intense berry or floral aromas and flavors of berries, citrus fruits, cocoa, and spice.LATIN AMERICA / THE CARIBBEAN
This region produces more coffee, by far, than any other growing region. The beans grown here are generally light- to medium-bodied with clean, lively flavors. They are prized for their tangy brightness and consistent quality. Both these features make them ideal foundations for blending.INDONESIA
These coffees are typically full-bodied, smooth, earthy, and occasionally feature herbal flavor notes. They are the 'heavyweights' of the coffee world, providing deep, sturdy 'low notes' when used in blends.

The Coffee Bean
Coffee is the seed of a cherry from a tree, which grows from sea level to approximately 6,000 feet, in a narrow subtropical belt around the world.


The two significant species of coffee beans are: coffea arabica, and coffea robusta. Arabica beans grow best at altitudes over 3,000 feet. This species produces superior quality coffees, which possess the greatest flavor and aromatic characteristics. They typically contain half the caffeine of the robusta beans. Robusta beans are usually grown at lower elevations. Robusta trees are easier to grow, produce higher yields, and are more disease resistant than the arabica species Robusta beans usually possess a woody, astringent flavor. They are used when a lower price or additional caffeine is desired.

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