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"Dear Barista, what Spirits are best to accompany my favorite coffee?"
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Top 5 Spirits That Go Well With Coffee

This is a favorite for coffee. It has a mellow but nutty flavor. A little bit like hazelnut with a wee bit of vanilla added.

Since it already tastes like coffee, the added flavor isn't all that strong. But it does add a touch of sweetness and an extra bit of roasted flavor to your coffee. It also adds a nice coffee touch when added to other drinks, like hot chocolate.

Another nutty liqueur that goes very nicely with a cup of hot coffee. The almond flavor is subtle and may get lost if your coffee is too strong.

Grand Marnier
The flavor here is most definitely orange. You can turn a plain cup of coffee into an after-dinner treat with a shot of Grand Marnier, and a sprinkling of orange zest

Irish Cream
A classic in coffee. The creamy texture of Irish Cream blends well with coffee, and has thesmooth taste of whiskey.