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Cafe Barista...
Your reliable Premium awevGourmet Coffee, served exclusively at The Coffee Factory establishments for your personal enjoyment. read more


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"Roasted fresh daily for your enjoyment"

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At the Coffee Factory we strive to deliver only the very best and freshest gourmet coffees. The bag of coffee you pick from our counter or off the shelf of your favorite supermarket could have been roasted less than 24 hours ago. That’s our guarantee for freshness.


Café Barista means:

  • Only 100% Arabica Colombian Excelso Coffee beans are used

  • Freshly roasted in Curaçao

  • The freshest coffee available in hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. Just ask for it !!!

  • Plant run according to International standards, Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP)

  • A decaf with excellent taste

  •  Produced by “the coffee professionals”

  • Excellent gourmet coffee produced in Curacao

  • Expert training and consulting to support clients and help serve excellent coffee

  • Cozy factory outlet where coffees can be tasted, either warm, cold or with ice cream

  • Excellent  customer service

Café Barista means……...”Striving for Coffee Excellence”